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YES! We will try our best to find a date for every horny person on earth ;-)


The most popular cities for hookin up...

It's no surprise that the states with the biggest populations are ranked at the top of the best states for singles/dating that we found using Google.

Here are 5 of 2019's best states for singles interested in dating or sex.

Is your state one of the best? Or did you guys get left out of all the fun and games?

#1 California

Cali USA comes in at the top dating spot for singles. Apperently there is a bevy of beach bodies to hookup with in cities like San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, and the thousands of smaller towns and most likely in or around your area too.

#2 Florida

The best place in America for hurricane watching is also the number two state in the US for sinlg folks who want to get a little nookie. Or a lot of nookie if your prefer. Just know that lots of horny people in the sunshine state are getting laid. Are you one of the winners hooking up in places like Tampa Bay, Gainsville, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or one of the numerous parrishes that flood like holy hell in Florida's hurricane alley? Or one of the single lonely losers not getting any action in those exact same locations...

#3 New York

It's called The Big Apple for a reason and it has quite a large audience of people from all around the world who want to find a date. Are you deep down inside a concrete jungle on the east coast of the US of A? You should go hookup with somebody in New York, Syracuse, Buffalo, or even New Jersey if you are really fucking desperate ;-)

#4 Texas

Rumor has it everything is bigger in Texas and we tend to believe it as it landed at numero quatro on our best states for singles list. Are you painting on your jeans and donning a wide brimmed cowboy hat? Well you better ditch that shit if you want to bang some broads in places like Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.

#5 Pennsylvania

If you want to get laid in Pennsylvania you best go to Hershey or Pittsburgh cause that is the last two cities on our list.


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